Safe Haven

Safe Haven is permanent supported housing for single, homeless adults with mental illnesses who are vulnerable, disoriented and fearful. Many homeless people are victims of robbery, rape or attack, and are overwhelmed by the expectations of traditional programs. Many lack insight into their mental illness and decline available services and treatment.

Safe Haven serves as a “portal of entry” to housing and treatment.

There are no barriers to receiving services at Safe Haven. The Program provides a secure, non-threating, supportive environment.

Safe Haven provides specially tailored services for Chinatown including:

  • Case Management and Community Placement Services is provided, including outreach, gradual engagement, case management, and assistance with accessing permanent housing. 90% of homeless adults who stay six months or longer at Safe Haven retain stable housing.
  • Residential, clinical and medical care includes transitional housing and 24 hour on-site staffing for up to 25 people. Social rehabilitation services assist participants in developing skills that will help them to stabilize and attain/succeed in permanent living situations. Psychiatric and medical care are is available to eligible residents.
  • Activity Center offers social rehabilitation, mentoring/peer support and community placement and reintegration. Basic needs services include meals, mail services, laundry and shower facilities.
  • Chemical Dependency Treatment. Many homeless people with mental illness use drugs and alcohol to self-medicate their psychiatric symptoms. Safe Haven’s “harm reduction” program helps 90% of people served to become abstinent within six months.


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Safe Haven is located at:
41 South Beretaina Street, Honolulu, HI 96813
Phone: 808-524-SAFE (7233)