PEER Coach Program

The mission of the PEER coach project is to provide persons with mental illness the opportunities to empower themselves by teaching and learning skills necessary for daily living.  The PEER coach, by using the empowerment-based model of recovery seeks to provide the consumer with participation in social and community based activities for a limited time per week.

Another objective for the PEER coach project is to provide employment opportunities for those recovering from a mental illness.  Re-entry into the workforce is a key component of recovery of social functioning.  Our project involves assisting consumers to overcome barrier to employment.  In a supportive manner, the program allows for growth, independence and because consumers often experience a varying degree of confidence in their ability to carry out a range of employment activates, we provide on-going trainings throughout the years.

Anyone interested in becoming a PEER coach or would like to receive PEER services, please call Jessie Yokoyama at 735-6423.