PEER Coach Program

The mission of MHK’s PEER Support is to provide people with mental illness the opportunities to exercise control over their own lives, their recovery, and to build resilience.

MHK’s PEER Support includes peer mentoring or coaching, resource connecting, facilitating and leading recovery, educational and support groups, advocating for the person/family served, and/or building community supports.

Jobs. MHK’s PEER Support program also provide employment opportunities for those recovering from mental illness.  Re-entry into the workforce is a key component of recovery of social functioning.  MHK’s PEER Support program involves assisting people in mental health recovery to overcome barrier to employment.  In a supportive manner, the program allows for growth, independence and because consumers often experience a varying degree of confidence in their ability to carry out a range of employment activates, we provide on-going trainings throughout the years.

Recovery. Because peer supports are guided by a foundation of lived experience, peer supporters are persons who share with others based on that experience to encourage, motivate and support persons served and/or their families.

Become a PEER Supporter. Anyone interested in becoming a PEER Coach or would like to receive PEER services, please call:

         Jessie Farias at 808-735-6423.